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DSL/VDSL2 Internet

Serving Caldwell Id, Nampa Id, Boise Id, Twin Falls Id, Idaho Falls Id, and all of Southern Idaho.

Now serving Utah and Colorado.

Family enjoying DSL Internet in Boise Id, Nampa ID

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. DSL is family of the different technologies used for internet access. Thanks to DSL technology it enables very fast internet access over your traditional phone lines, with No Phone Service required! This would be called “Stand-Alone” DSL connection.


You can receive 3,5,7 or 12Mbps DSL connection speeds in most locations. If you are in a location where it has been upgraded to Fiber Optics which is connected close to the Hub, you can receive speeds of 20,40,60,100 and 940 MBPS. This is called ‘VDSL2.”


With this Technology you will have consistent speeds with low “Latency or Lag” and unlimited Bandwidth. Based on the output in your area. VDSL2 is great for Gaming, Streaming Videos and multiple users. Call us today to find out what’s available in your area.

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