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Dish Network

Dish is the Best Value in TV!

Packages start at only $19.99 per month!  You can have the 2nd room for FREE!
FREE Same or Next-Day Installation - Up to 6 Rooms!

FREE DVR and HD Equipment Upgrades!


FREE High Definition Programming for Life with Auto-Pay!

HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz and BlockBuster on Demand are
FREE for 3 months with your new Dish Network Subscription!


DISH Entertainment.


Hopper Advanced DVR Special Features

  • PrimeTime Anytime - instant on demand access to your favorite Primetime programs on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC in HD!

  • Record up to 6 live programs at once during Primetime!

  • Automatically Skip the Commercials on recorded Primetime programs utilizing the Auto-Hop feature!

  • Twice the hard drive storage of any other DVR!

  • SRS True Sound- Limits the volume on commercials to the same level as the program you are watching!

  • Facebook, Pandora, Blockbuster and other apps are included!

  • Remote Finder- Misplace your remote?  No problem!

  • True Whole Home DVR allows you to Pause Live TV, Rewind Live TV, and perform all DVR functions in HD from every room in the house!

  • Integrated Sling capability allows you to access your Hopper from anywhere in the world with a Broadband Internet Connection!  Access both Live Programming and Recorded Events!

  • Hopper Transfers - Transfer your Recorded Hopper events directly to your iPad!


             Upgrade to the Hopper for Free when you subscribe to the Top 120 or higher!


       Dish Packages start at only $19.99 per month!


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